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Monday, 1 February 2010

Curly part nine

Hi I've been AWOL for a bit as Mum has been a little under the weather and rather busy! I went to check what Hedgie was asking and Ineed to try to remember the things I wanted to answer.

I am always made to feel welcome by mum and even dad however my sister is another matter, my bro is fab though. Mum is kind and attentive most of the time but she does seem to think I need way more sleep than I really do. Mum remembers to take me most places but she forgets to let me out of her bag quite often.

She is very kind at sharing though you'll see that in a piccy up above. I did spy on her this morning but it was really boring as she slept a whole lot. I haven't been in an embarassing situation yet at least I don't think so!

I really don't think my mum is insane mind you I know my sister does. Curly.


  1. Oh my curly don't let Shirley near thoes Jelly beans or they will vanish in no time!
    I have heard about your lovely bro from the little human Abbie who comes to visit us. She says he is adorable.
    Not too sure about meeting your Sister though!

  2. Curly your sister is a teenager and that means they, by law, have to be mean and sulky at all times.

    Love Pamela x

  3. Sounds like you have quite a good life there! Shame you get left in a bag though, is your Mum ashamed of you or something? Luv Hedgie x

  4. Curly you sound to have a great time in your house and I am wondering if I could come and have a sleepover but Lynne says you live too far away to do that and if I visit you, I need to go and see Bongo too. But I know he lives a long way away so there is no chance of a sleepover :(...So.. I need a holiday with you and not a sleep over. Lynne says I could be allowed to go to NY with you since I would be back in time for Anglesey, so what is the chance eh?...
    Let me know?
    I am your really good friend Clemmie xx

    So Curly can we persuade Kay to let me come with you?

  5. Curly I have just read your suggestion on my blog comments and I am really excited as lynne says yes I can come so long as my passport arrives!!

  6. Laura often leaves me in her bag, but John is pretty good at getting me out. I think he pretends he has children though and that I belong to them. :(