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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Curly part fifteen

Hi it's Curly again Clemmie is fast asleep I think Mum walked a bit too far for him today. Mind we had a great day, we went to the Saatchi gallery to see Dee's exhibition of chairs and guess what Dad's one made it to the final selection of 300 from over 1200 made! His is the blue one on it's own in a pic. Clemmie and I thought they were all very good as they only started with a piece of paper.

Then we palyed on the tubes and went to Harrods, met some lovely Coldstream guards and ended up in West field. No piccies there though as we were too tired to get out of our cosy bag.


  1. Wow clever Daddy!!!! Looks like you and Clemmie got on very well. I bet you will miss him when he goes home.

    Love Pamela x

  2. What a brilliant day you both had.
    I think your Dad is very clever to make a chair out of paper.
    Hope Clemmie manages to get some energy back after a sleep. All that walking must have been tiring for his little legs.

  3. What a great day out you had! Love those chairs, your dad is certainly a clever chappie. Monkey x

  4. Wow Curly and Clemmie what a fab by day you both had and what a clever Dad you have with that chair!
    Thank you so much for having Clemmie on his first holiday, glad he is tired as he has a long journey home now!!
    I am really looking forward to his return home, perhaps I need to buy some more bones?
    love Lynne xx

  5. What a brilliant exhibition. Love those chairs. They look just the right size for me! Well done indeed to your Daddy Curly.

  6. Wow Curly, you've been a mega busy lamb and having such fun! Nice to have your friend Clemmie to stay too, hope he didn't try to round you up too often! Luv Hedgie x