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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Curly part sixteen

Hi I've been trying to catch up a little, I've been thinking about what Mary has asked and I have a couple of piccy's for you. First there is me meeting Freddie on friday. Then I'm helping pack up form the sleepover on saturday. I will be really scared on sunday of dee's Steampunk art work for school. But on monday it'll be Mum day as it's mum's mum's wedding anniversary!


  1. Curly you really do have some interesting things happening in your life.
    You and Freddie look cool together.
    That artwork of Dee's looks really interesting, you are very brave to sit so close.
    I hope that you get to have a lovely day on Monday are you going to a party then?

  2. Aww congratulations to mum's mum and dad on their wedding anniversary. I agree with Bongo, the artwork looks great although a little scary! Monkey x