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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Curly part eight

Patch has asked us some lovely questions this week and I thought I'd try hard to answer them properly. I have done some of them in part seven but here are the rest.

Yesterday I got left behind as I was not ready to go out when mum was so I really wish that hadn't happened. Mind you as mum came home and said their had been people eating lamb shanks on the next table maybe I wouldn't have liked it after all!

If I could go any where at all I want to go to America with Mum as she seems to be very keen to go there but they are having lots of problems seeing if they can fit in a break at a sensible cost.

If I could buy an item I'd buy my own pair of scissors I was helping mum on her scrappping this morning and the pair she asked me to pass were a bit big for me.

I'm going to think about my best trait for a day or two though so you'll just have to pop back later in the week for that one.


  1. Mind those big scissors don't cut any of your lovely curly hair Curly!

    Love Pamela x

  2. Yes those scissors do look a bit big for you curly. A lovely LO though you were helping with. Apparently I have to go now and start the dinner. Quack quack

  3. Gosh aren't you all busy doing DIY [scrapping and dinners LOL!!]
    I only like eating, sleeping and a few walks myself.
    Yes Curly I need a few days to thing about my best trait too, I don't really understand that word either :(
    Love your friend Clemmie xx

  4. Curly you seem to have been rather busy, mind those big scissors don't hurt you.
    I think everything about you is wonderful so I can see why it is so hard for you to find your best trait.
    Be back soon

  5. Thanks for the comment on my Blog! That was my first ever comment. :)

    Giraffe's don't need passports, I don't know about sheep. I was smuggled in John's hand luggage. At first John wanted to pack me in an old glasses case, but I ended up in the plastic bag that Laura keeps her sticky dots in!