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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Curly part seventeen

Hi Mum's been a bit poorly this week and so I've been a bit left out ( poor me). But I've manged to get another couple of days sorted out for Mary's prompts.

I didn't get to do anything tuesday, but wednesday I had to help with the washing up. Then thursday I helped with the tasting of tea! Here's me doing those.


  1. Oh Curly I hope your mum is feeling better now.
    That washing up thing doesn't look very easy to me!!!
    Not sure I fancy that tea tasting either as it looks like you had to taste yucky cheese!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you VERY soon.

  2. Curly sorry your Mum wasn't well and you had to do DHW in the form of washing up. Hopefully she will feel better soon and you wont have to do it anymore. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Thumbs up to the tea tasting, big thumbs down to the washing up though.... looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Monkey x

  4. Dear Curly afraid I win't make it to see you and Kay tomorrow :( Feeling very sad about this but Lynne says we are going to something called Ally Pally ????? nd you will be there?

    Sorry kay has been ill :(
    How clever of you to wash up on Wednesday and try those human foods on Thursday LOL!! They look yucky to me LOL!!
    Much love Clemmie xx

  5. Don't wash up! You must take care not to get your beautiful hair wet! It was lovely to meet you today.

  6. You've been one busy lamb Curly, some of the things I approve, not so sure about things like washing up though! Luv Hedgie x