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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Curly part twelve

Hi all, no Pamela I didn't see any sexy racing drivers at the factory, but I got out again yesterday to the pub at lunch time I went to see if Ronnie would come to my special dinner as she's such good fun. Mum had forgotten that she is on holiday for a week though so I met her friend Bob instead. He was very friendly and helped me see if I'd like to be a barmaid! No those pump things are way too big too. So I had a cuddle as he thought I was cute then I went and watched mum and the girls eat their lunches.

Dad was very pleased to see the comments on his piccies! thanks girls and boys.


  1. Bob certainly looks like a lovely man Curly but I am really pleased that you don't want to be a barmaid because I would not get to see you so much.
    Those pump things look massive!

  2. You have done so many exciting things this week Curly. Barmaids have to stay up very late I think - glad you decided not to do that job. I am still thinking.

  3. It's very hard work being a barmaid and you would probably get your curls all yukky. Nice to meet someone new though - he looks a nice man :) Monkey x