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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Curly part eleven

I did have a quick play on Nigel and Jensen's old cars while I was here though so good fun even if I can't do it myself.

Hi It's me again well I had a day out with my Dad today. I actually went to work with him but shhh don't tell anyone, he's supposed to be mega busy! Any way I'd conned him in to going as I had a really cool idea that what I want to do for my job is to be a racing driver!

As you'll see I had a problem or two, like no way I can reach the pedals! Let alone the harness being way too big for me. I was quite sad but then Dad explained I would have to be very strong, very clever, very fast and quite single minded! Those are not qualities I think I have to be honest so I guess it's back to the drwing board for the job for me.


  1. OH boy Curly how cool was that today!!
    Sorry you won't become a big strong racing driver :(
    Well we will be meeting you in 2 days time, I am very excited are you? Hope we like each other LOL!!
    Lots of love Clemmie xx

  2. Wow Curly. It looks like you had a very exciting day. Those cars do look a bit big for you though. Think maybe you are right and will have to think of another job.

  3. WOW Curly I wish I had come with you.
    Perhaps next time we meet I will let you drive
    my car it is a much better size!

  4. wow did you see any sexy racing car drivers though?

    Love Pamela x

  5. How cool was your day?!! Fab photos too. Probably is best to stick to a slightly smaller car, I've heard that size isn't everything ;) Monkey x

  6. That's awesome! It's good that your Dad takes you places. I like it when John takes me out.