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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Curly part fourteen

Hi it's us again. Clemmie wants to tell you about today. "We went off for a lovely long walk (or should I say carry) this morning. Ollie wanted to show me his wood. He has decided he loves having another dog in his house, and he shares his food and bed with me happily he's not so sure about stick sharing though!
We went to Wittenham Clumps and into Wittenham woods which are managed by the Northmoor trust, it is beautiful but very muddy so Kay wouldn't let me walk or she thought Mum may get cross with her. I found a lovely present for Kay and Chris in an old iron wheel but they didn't take it home with them don't know why. They found a den for us to play in but it was very big so Chris and Kay built Curly and I a den of our own. Then we crossed a special log bridge climbed a tree and found a bird hide. I tried to see some birds but only saw a coot and a mallard. Curly was thrilled we didnt see the red kites as she's scared of them.


  1. Clemmie and Curly you surely are having lots of fun together. I have been abandoned by Claire all weekend and am very bored indeed.

    Love Pamela x

  2. What a lovely day you have had Curly and Clemmie. I do love that little den. Ollie looks a bit big to me.

  3. Oh Clemmie how lucky are you! What a lovely den Chris and Kay built you!
    You and Curly seem to be best mates! and how lovely that ollie shares his bed and food with you, life will be so boring when you get home!
    missing you but know what fun you are having with Kay, Chris and Dee.
    Enjoy tomorrow with Auntie Shirley and Auntie Chris,hope you like Bongo and Comelius.
    Love you lots, Lynne xxx

  4. Wow Curly and Clemmie, you look like you are having a fantastic time together. I love that little den Kay and Chris made for you both. Monkey x

  5. Curly you and Clemmie ceratinly had a great time together.
    I hope that you both managed to stay nice and clean in all that mud!