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Friday, 22 January 2010

Curly part seven

Hi I've just seen Patch has been hard at it and asked us lots of questions. I realy wished after a rotten day sat at the bottom of a bag to be cheered up and guess what I ended up at Sandies for the evening, having a ball a wonderful dinner reading a book and seeing Bongo!!! How fab is that lots of my wishes all in one go.


  1. Mind eating all that chocolate cake Curly. Us girls have to be careful what we eat otherwise the boys won't like us so much. I see Bongo is already pretty keen. Make sure he doesn't try to take advantage of you - and that is me talking as an experienced friend not as the other woman. Boys can get a bit over zealous!

    Love Pamela x

  2. Looks as though Bongo and Curly have a thing going?
    Glad they didn't keep you at the bottom of the bag for long...why do they keep putting us in bags?
    Hope you post again soon?
    love Clemmie xx

  3. Oh it is lovely to see that you have close friend Curly, Bongo seems to be smitten with you!!

    The chocolate cake sounded yummy too!!

    Love Koala xx

  4. Great to spend some more time with you Curly, now I know what IRL {{{{{huggles}}}}} means.
    Love and kisses,