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Friday, 22 January 2010

Curly part six

Hi I have had a look at Debbies prompts and having thought them through my main one that I wanted to deal with straight away was my wish. I wished and wished that I could have my own blog instead of sharing Mum's and look here we are Shirley was soooo kind she helped mum out and here I am seeing it all happen for myself.


  1. Oh Curly it is so great that you have your own blog. I had to convince Claire that I needed my own one.

    Love Pamela x

  2. Thank goodness for Auntie Shirley, what a super woman she is, now maybe you can chat more wih your own blog?
    Love Clemmie xxx

  3. Wonderful of Auntie Shirley to help set up your own blog Curly, I think I need her here, cos my Mummy hasnt got a clue!!!

    Love Koala xx

  4. Oh blimey Curly don't tell keep telling Shirley how nice she is otherwise I will never hear the end of it!
    Mind you she did let me have some of chocolate pudding lastnight so I suppose she does have her good points!!
    Love and hugs