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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Curly part twenty

Well hi there all I had a truely amazing day today, you can tell if you look hard that spring has sprung as the trees are all in bud, but the main passion for today was my extreme sport which I'm about to try to upload for you to see. I tried really hard to think of something that was appropriate for what Mum and I are up to at the moment but also was something you were unlikey to have tried. So here's me being a real dare devil and Fire Jumping how's that for an extreme sport, hope you enjoy and hope this works ok. Curly xxx


  1. hahahaha Curly, that is fantastic and very original! At least you are not a fire *starter* like that James in Pamela's house. Thanks for playing along with my prompts. Monkey x

  2. Forget the RSPCA for Monkey, I think they need to come and look after you Curly.

    Hope you didn't singe any of that beautiful hair of yours.

    Love Pamela x

  3. Well done Curly and more so well done Kay for getting a video on Blogger LOL
    Lots of love Clemmie xxx

  4. Oh Curly that looks so dangerous, did you need a lot of training to do that?
    Great to see a vidoe clip of you doing it though.

  5. Wow brilliant. I am is still trying to work out how to do it.

  6. Ooooh Curly I'm not sure that is allowed in Forest School!!

  7. Hi Curly, looks like you've been a busy lamb, and some of those things look dangerous, please take care! And I'm so glad you are better and Aunty Sal looked after you! Luv Hedgie x